Place where I log my past failures with technology or business.

So I can read them year later after I do the same mistakes again.


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Portable, Triple Screen Station

For quite some time, I've wanted a triple screens but portable. I was overwhelmed with joy few years later, when slide n joy was announced, only for it to turn into scam. Still remembering some military solutions I've got to use at some point of…

Getting best normalmap bakes

AKA why there are seams on my normalmaps / why there is weird shading on my model tl;dr version for people who cant read: synchronise your smoothgroups and uv islands. for people who arent very good at thinking: uv piece = uv island = uv…

Understanding the value of your own time.

AKA - how much should I ask for doing XYZ? First thing I want to say: If youre good at something, never do it for free -If you do it for free, youre an exploitable idiot, and youre not only hurting yourself, but the industry…