Dualscreen (for now) Thinkpad prototype



For quite a long time i wanted a dualscreen laptop. While im aware of existence of few constructions, they're either old or super-expensive - and i like my thinkpad due to its... expendability.

Since i've aquired a resin printer, i've decided to try and make one on the cheap, and after a sleepless nigt, a prototype model was made:


and printed prototype can be seen here, mounted to... deasembled upper part of another thinkpad frame, housing an FHD screen matrix:

Controller is salvaged from broken USB FHD screen, still need to figure out how to guide cables in not annoying way, as well remove the hinges from top screen and print some covers/caps for the hole that'll be there. And of course replace the zip-ties with metal pins, I have a special bearings ordered already (so its not metal and resing connection that'll worn off quickly), just waiting for everything to be sent.