MAXSCRIPT: Copy & Paste files between max instances and scenes


Two small maxscript macros that let you copy and paste files using a temporary file created in $autoback directory.

macroScript Copy_Objects_To_File Category:"_Piro_Tools" toolTip:"CopyToFile"
thecopypastedir = getdir #autoback
thecopypastefile = "\pastefile.max"
thecopypastestring = thecopypastedir + thecopypastefile

if $ != undefined do
saveNodes $ thecopypastestring

macroScript Paste_Objects_From_File Category:"_Piro_Tools" toolTip:"PasteFromFile"
thecopypastedir = getdir #autoback -- folder kopiowania
thecopypastefile = "\pastefile.max" --nazwa dla pliku...
thecopypastestring = thecopypastedir + thecopypastefile --string dla funkcji kopiowania

mergemaxfile (thecopypastedir + thecopypastefile) #select -- merge of pasted objects

Save the file as, run it inside max through maxscript -> run script (or drag n drop if you're administrator), you'll find the two macros here:

Assign them to shortcut, button or quad (im using quad menu for that), enjoy.