UHK Exreme tenting elevation feet, 3D Printed


Since I'm very happy user of UHK - Ultimate Hacking Keyboard - a ridiculously priced, but worth every dollar, split ergonomic 60% keyboard, I couldnt be myself if I didn't had to mod it a little. While I still have a custom-modules interface project in my drawer that I might get back at some point (I only started it because I was pissed ad UHK for delaying modules while announcing UHK v2), I've decided to take the customisable elevation (called tenting for split keyboards) to next level.

After few measurements, a crude 3d model was made and sliced: 

And it printed fairly well:

You know its my photo because of the massacred table.

For best results, I strongly suggest printing with elastic/rubber filament, otherwise you might need to scale them by 1-2% in all axes to make them fit, but not fell off.

Here is comparison of various elevation levels (Im using the highest one, as its most easy for my wrists):

Green ones were test prints with SLA, as I was curious by mechanical properties of it, black ones are FDM printed.

Works well, nothing more to write about. You can find STL for these in my github soon.

edit: git repo set up:


Added furniture anti-scratch foam under the feet, it prevents sliding and gives much softer feedback when moving kb parts around: