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Understanding the value of your own time.

AKA - how much should I ask for doing XYZ? First thing I want to say: If youre good at something, never do it for free -If you do it for free, youre an exploitable idiot, and youre not only hurting yourself, but the industry…

Most common mistakes while making 3d asset.

And how to avoid them, minimising the damage. If your model have issues, you most likely messed up some step or steps. Enjoy re-doing most of your work. Click here for explanation: ASSET CREATION GRAPH + EXPLANATION

Fresh Artists Portfolio Tips

Or rather, tip. Just one, at least in this post. Portfolio is equivalent of your shop front, you put only things that someone would want to buy, and you want to sell - That beign said, your best skills. Never, ever, post things that are…