Portable, Triple Screen Station, Further Develompent


Continuation of this post: Portable, Triple Screen Station, Part1

Since v1 design turned out to not be sturdy enough (technically it worked - I could open/close the screens without problem, and they stay in place when not bothered), I've managed to very quickly snap the hinges either off the screen casing, or break the endpoints, regardless of printing technique or resolution of print/orientation. Metal casts/cnc is out of question, as it'd quickly exceed value of these screens, I've decided to re-design hinges completely - losing (well, gaining) some depth for the screens and bit of width due to oversized design, but now hinges will utilise m4 screws instead of m3 ones, and will have much more contact material from 4 sides not one, as well more material to support the stressed part.

Early prototype design:

Easrly design, you can see previous, slimsy one hinge as well
early v2 prototype, lot of things will change, especially around button area

  It'll be slowly updated, my time is delegated to project of much bigger scale, but already I can foresee additional work needed to compensate for scree controls/buttons/ports - nothing difficult, just lot of measurements.

Im thinking also about some basic way to regulate max angle between screens, probably through replacable spacers.

Will be updated!

EDIT 23.09.2022: updated development, had some time to mess around with design.

I've realised i want to avoid glueing/drilling in screens at all cost, as theres high probability of destroying them, I've decided to make a modular frame that'll encase them, and prevent everything from falling apart from looking at its general direction. After few hours, I've came with this:

- it can be printed on small bed (prusa mk3s+).
- if I mess something up, I can re-design one part, without need of re-printing everything from start.
- if something breaks (AND IT SHOULDN'T NOW), I can quickly make spare part, without re-printing from start.

And after some design and tolerance tweaks, it worked:

test frame, working with hinges
Two screens joined by hinge, one encased with modular frame.

Test worked as expected, so now Im printing rest of parts in spare time, expect update with working construction at some point.

Gif of whole construction as a bonus:

Should give you general idea how it'll work, if you didnt guessed already.