Place where I log my past failures with technology or business.

So I can read them year later after I do the same mistakes again.


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IM Copypasta

Taken from: To be used when someone mentions change of currently used messenging application. We could always use Skype. Or Riot or Matrix Or NextCloud Or XMPP Or Wire Or Briar Or Tox Or Kontalk Or DeltaChat Or Ring Or BitMessage Or Ricochet Or…

MACROSCRIPT: Move/Scale uv chunks by value

Maxscript I wrote to help myself packing all the atlases from various textures, working on envirnoment jobs. Allows you to easily scale / move uv chunks / groups of them by defined values by clicking a D-PAD like controls. You need to have your UV…

MAXSCRIPT: Change the UVW Unwrap checker size on the fly.

Script that does something noone thinks about unless needed - adjusts size (or tiling if you wish) of checker board from UVW Unwrap modifier window (so it doesnt touch your material tiling, and checker vanishes after you exit UWV Modifier) Includes two macros, one for…

MAXSCRIPT: Centering pivot on selected object.

Small, very simple script that saves me few clicks: macroScript centerPivot Category:"_Piro_Tools" toolTip:"Center Pivot" ( $.pivot = $.center ) Centers the object pivot to geometry-weighted center, especially usefull when you duplicate mesh elements using shift+drag method. Found again here: Bind it to key, quad or toolbar as…

MAXSCRIPT: Copy & Paste files between max instances and scenes

Two small maxscript macros that let you copy and paste files using a temporary file created in $autoback directory. macroScript Copy_Objects_To_File Category:"_Piro_Tools" toolTip:"CopyToFile" ( thecopypastedir = getdir #autoback thecopypastefile = "\pastefile.max" thecopypastestring = thecopypastedir + thecopypastefile if $ != undefined do saveNodes $ thecopypastestring )…

Fresh Artists Portfolio Tips

Or rather, tip. Just one, at least in this post. Portfolio is equivalent of your shop front, you put only things that someone would want to buy, and you want to sell - That beign said, your best skills. Never, ever, post things that are…

What exactly is cyberpunk?

It's rain wet streets. It's nights like this with fog rolling in. Cars, faceless people going by, doing the things that they are doing. There's something kinds hypnotic about it. That's when I get inspired. To carry what these streets are like, what the city…

1 test post

This post is a test. There is nothing more. Except this cat. His smile and optimism, Gone.