Place where I log my past failures with technology or business.

So I can read them year later after I do the same mistakes again.


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Portable, Triple Screen Station

For quite some time, I've wanted a triple screens but portable. I was overwhelmed with joy few years later, when slide n joy was announced, only for it to turn into scam. Still remembering some military solutions I've got to use at some point of…

Getting best normalmap bakes

AKA why there are seams on my normalmaps / why there is weird shading on my model If you're not familiar with 3ds max terminology, setting up smoothgroups is equivalent to hard edges in maya, or editing normals in blender. tl;dr version for people who…

Understanding the value of your own time.

AKA - how much should I ask for doing XYZ? First thing I want to say: If youre good at something, never do it for free -If you do it for free, youre an exploitable idiot, and youre not only hurting yourself, but the industry…

MACROSCRIPT: open max file location in explorer

Very short one, written literally 5 minutes ago. Execute below maxscript to create macroscript in Customise User Interface menu, and use it to quickly open folder where the max scene is saved: macroScript OpenMaxFileLocation category:"_Piro_Tools" tooltip:"open max location" ( command = "explorer" commandArg = maxFilePatch…

Dualscreen (for now) Thinkpad prototype

Hello, For quite a long time i wanted a dualscreen laptop. While im aware of existence of few constructions, they're either old or super-expensive - and i like my thinkpad due to its... expendability. Since i've aquired a resin printer, i've decided to try and…

Pi zero inside Multibay, part 2: I dont even.

If you follow for some reason my posts, i've been struggling with getting juice out of SATA slimline connector to power raspberry pi, that was to be put inside Thinkpads ultrabay. And I've made it work. And realised I've lost ultrabay space. In addition, fooling…

OK BOOMER 3D Workflow, it works.

Several people asked me about my workflow, so I've decided to put it here for easy of access. This is translation of one of 2010-something post i've made on, with additions to workflow with techniques / tools that are more recent. My current modelling…

Proper way to learn 3D.

 So, you just finished a grenade tutorial, ak tutorial, pistol or knife one. You have zero experience in 3d modelling, but by extensive handholding you managed to finish it, clicking exactly what tutor clicked and doing exactly tutor in the movie did. You learned nothing.

Most common mistakes while making 3d asset.

And how to avoid them, minimising the damage. If your model have issues, you most likely messed up some step or steps. Enjoy re-doing most of your work. Click here for explanation: ASSET CREATION GRAPH + EXPLANATION