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Pi zero inside Multibay, part 2: I dont even.

If you follow for some reason my posts, i've been struggling with getting juice out of SATA slimline connector to power raspberry pi, that was to be put inside Thinkpads ultrabay. And I've made it work. And realised I've lost ultrabay space. In addition, fooling…

IM Copypasta

Taken from: https://github.com/propiro/instantMessengersPasta To be used when someone mentions change of currently used messenging application. We could always use Skype. Or Riot or Matrix Or NextCloud Or XMPP Or Wire Or Briar Or Tox Or Kontalk Or DeltaChat Or Ring Or BitMessage Or Ricochet Or…

1 test post

This post is a test. There is nothing more. Except this cat. His smile and optimism, Gone.